Wordle #434 Today’s Word Answer, Hints and Clue — Saturday, August 27


The weekend has finally arrived! It’s the last weekend of August, which means we only have four months left in 2022 in a week. Crazy, isn’t it?

In a week we will also see whether Amazon’s The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power show can live up to all the hype. It sure looks good… but will the script live up to its incredible production value? That’s always the question I have with these shows. So many don’t keep the promise.

For now, let’s fix today’s Wordle so you can all get back to your weekend warrior activities!

Today’s Wordle #434 Answer, Hint & Clue

Spoilers ahead!

The tip: When you’re even more of a jerk.

The clue: This Wordle has two vowels.

The answer:

This was one of my luckiest guesses of all time. Not sure if I’ve ever limited a Wordle to just 11 guesses on my first try. I was so close to getting it in half! Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

Still, wake up gave me a green box and two yellow ones, and with that ‘R’ in green I chose the first word that came to mind: ruler. I was thinking of school rulers, the ruler variety, but it could also be a king or tyrant, emperor or president.

At that moment I was lost for a while. I didn’t realize then that there was only one option left, and when I put a ‘D’ in it, I thought, “Is ruder even a word?” Or is it “worse”? like how funnier is not a word, it is “more fun”. (I think funnier should be a word and it’s completely arbitrary that it isn’t).

But it made more sense than anything else. I was pretty sure ruper was not a word. Or rumer. So I guessed ruder and came out victorious. How so!


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