Who is Nezarec in ‘Destiny 2’? A brief history


This week, Destiny 2 players were treated to the revelation that the relics we’ve collected in Season of Plunder are all pieces of a dead thing called Nezarec.

Now, depending on your history with Destiny 2, this was either the most exciting thing you’ve ever heard, or you had no idea who they were talking about. But even if you’re a veteran player, Nezarec has been a deliberate mystery for quite a few years before Bungie finally brought him into the fold.

I’m going to try to catch up with you here as best I can. I already made a video about this, but I think text form is better for some people. So, here’s a brief history:

Nezarec’s Sin – This is probably the most important place anyone has heard of Nezarec, an exotic helmet (above) that arrived with vanilla Destiny 2 that increases the ability to regenerate on invalid kills. The lore described a mythical, terrifying figure who seemed out of place with another Destiny lore. The passage:

“He is that which is the end. That which sin desires. The last god of pain – the purest light, the darkest hour. And He will rise again. When the guiding radiance fades and all seems lost, He will call you. Fear not All that He offers is not as obscure as it seems. For Nezarec is not a demon, but a devil, bowed and vile in unknown ways. He is a path and a way, one of many. And his sin – so wicked, so divine – is that he will never cringe when twilight falls, but will keep watch as old stars die and new light flashes first in this festive eternity.”

The tombs of Nezarec – We literally heard nothing about Nezarec for a very long time, until finally The Drifter listed the “Seven Tombs of Nezarec” as a location in a lore passage, implying that there are multiple cemeteries for… whatever Nezarec was.

The whisper of Nezarec – Fast-forward to this year, last season, where in Season of the Haunted we got a new glaive with the flavor text, making it clear that Nezarec used to be a disciple of the witness:

“Arise, disciple, and wear this gift with pride.” -Rhulk, disciple of the witness

In the accompanying passage, Eris finds the glazing and looks for the owner, who is not there, but she seems to sense his presence.

the relics – Now we come to yesterday, where several pieces of Nezarec history have been confirmed. Nezarec was not only a disciple, but he was the operator of the moon pyramid, where he was buried, at least in part. He was found by Mithrax’s mother and other fallen, and they collected parts of his body giving them dark powers, and Mithrax was driven to extreme violence when he was older because of the relics, which were eventually scattered. These relics are what we seek and reassemble. When you’re in the HELM with them, they whisper…

Delicate grave – The final piece of this puzzle, so far, is another weapon, the seasonal exotic, Delicate Tomb, which itself appears to house a relic of Nezarec. The inside has Vow of the Disciple-esque armor, leaking darkness, pyramid decorations, and gun lore seems to indicate that Nezarec is still alive in disembodied form, waiting to return. One theory is that we can eventually resurrect Nezarec by bringing all these pieces together. The gun’s exotic perk name, Traitor’s Vessel, also seems to point to a theory that Nezarec somehow betrayed the Witness, so even if he’s demonic and dangerous, he could theoretically be on our side, if he is forced to return.

And now you’re caught up. We don’t know where things will go from here and if we’ll actually resurrect Nezarec or just use his dark power, but it’s still pretty wild to see Bungie bringing him into the main storyline after all these years, even if no, this was almost certainly not the “plan” five years ago when that narration was written. Still cool.

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