WeTransfer is not available, downloads are stuck: all details


WeTransfer, a popular service that allows users to transfer large files and is used by a large number of internet users around the world, is down. The Amsterdam-based company has also confirmed that it is currently experiencing issues with downloads, uploads and other services. However, it has not been confirmed whether the problem is limited to India or affects users in other regions. A few members of the Gadgets 360 team detailed the issue when working with the platform.

Several Gadgets 360 team members reported that the WeTransfer service was not available on their networks. When checking the company’s incident status page, we found that the service was experiencing errors in downloads, uploads, and other services. The issue is still unresolved and the company has announced it is investigating the issue via its status page.

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We were unable to download a file shared with us despite multiple download attempts. A team member said it reached 99 percent on one try before starting again. After several attempts, the download finally failed. For some, the download started but restarted after 4-5 seconds despite multiple attempts.

There is no information on when we can expect the service to be operational again. WeTransfer is offered in two versions. The free version allows users to upload files of up to 2 GB, while the Pro version allows transfers of up to 200 GB of files or folders and offers 1 TB of storage, and the service lets users decide when transfers expire.

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If you are one of those experiencing this issue, you can use other file transfer services like Google Drive, Dropbox and other consumer cloud services until the issue is resolved.

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