Urgent shark warning after monster predator spotted on crowded beach

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There has been an urgent warning to stay out of the water on California’s Manhattan Beach after a shark up to six feet long was spotted.

Beachgoers were notified of the shark sighting and told not to go into the shark-infested waters for the time being.


A shark was sighted on Manhattan Beach in California on Friday nightCredit: Getty
The shark spotted off the El Porto area was six to eight long


The shark spotted off the El Porto area was six to eight longCredit: ETN

The predator was spotted near the El Porto area of ​​Manhattan Beach shortly before 5 p.m. Friday.

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A lifeguard and two surfers confirmed the sighting.

The shark was six to eight long, according to the Los Angeles Lifeguards.

Baywatch Redondo has not found the shark after completing a search, lifeguards said.

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The shark was not aggressive and lifeguards said no injuries were reported.

Rescuers would remain on site to monitor the situation.

The warning was issued as a precaution, ABC7 reports.

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How to avoid a shark attack?

Sharks can be very common at this time of year, Daniel Abel, a professor of marine science at Coastal Carolina University, told WRAL.

The only way to really avoid being attacked by a shark is to stay out of open water, but there are preventative measures you can take if you take a dip in the ocean.

Abel said not to “swim at dawn and dusk. There aren’t many people in the water and some sharks are closer to the shoreline and feeding.”

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“Don’t swim where there are schools of small fish. They are called offshore bait fish. The sharks will swim in or in them,” Abel advised.

It’s also best not to swim “near where people fish, such as in piers,” he said.

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While beachgoers have seen quite a few shark attacks this summer, Abel warns against treating sharks just like our predators.

“It’s very important that we treat our sharks, our ocean and our entire planet with more respect than we do now,” he said.


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