Russia clarifies Ruto’s government that sells donated manure


The Russian embassy denies reports that they have sued President William Ruto’s government for selling donated manure.

In a statement dated Friday, September 23, the embassy stated that the fake messages that had gone viral on social media were not from them.

The embassy called on ETN to verify the information before spreading the statement on various social media platforms.

“Many fake reports about Russian fertilizers are circulating on local social media. The Embassy of the Russian Federation hereby requests all users to verify information about fertilizers in Kenya through official Embassy media sources,” the statement read in part.

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Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin at a past event.


In the false statement, the Russian company Uralchem ​​reportedly recalled its donated fertilizer as a punitive measure.

“Uralchem ​​has an anti-corruption policy that applies to all of its entities. The document is consistent with the Federal Anti-Corruption Act. The policy defines and regulates key requirements for the company’s relationships with counterparties, partners and government agencies policy is binding on everyone.

“We are therefore immediately canceling the sale of our donations and asking Kenyan farmers to boycott all efforts to sell our donations in the Kenyan market,” the statement read in part.

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Reports that Ruto’s government was selling donated fertilizer went viral a day after DP Gachagua flagged Ksh3.5 billion of subsidized fertilizer on September 21.

The roll-out of the subsidized fertilizer was part of Ruto’s pledges to ETN in his speech at his inauguration on 13 September.

Gachagua stated that the move was intended to allow farmers to reduce the long-term cost of living during the planting season.

During his inauguration, Ruto reduced the cost of fertilizer from Ksh6,500 to Ksh3,500 per 50kg bag.

“For the short rains, we have already made arrangements to provide 1.4 million bags of manure for Ksh 3,500 for a 50 kg bag – less than Ksh 6,500.

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“This fertilizer will be available from next week. I appeal to the governments of the provinces in the Eastern, Central and Western regions to work with us to ensure that this fertilizer is available so that we can make the journey can begin to increase our food production initiatives,” Ruto explained at the time.

President William Ruto leaves the country on Sunday, September 18, 2022

President William Ruto will leave the country on Sunday, September 18, 2022.


William Ruto



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