Donald Trump Jr. criticizes the media for being ‘totally silent’ after a teenager is killed for being a ‘Republican extremist’


Donald Trump Jr. criticized the mainstream media for being “totally silent” after a North Dakota man hit a teenager with his vehicle and killed him in what authorities said was a politically motivated attack because the man believed the victim was a “Republican” . extremist.”

ETN reported that 41-year-old Shannon Brandt beat and killed 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson because he believed the teen was “part of a Republican extremist group.”

But the mainstream media has not been so diligent in reporting the case.

“Joe Biden is smearing Republicans like extremists and fascists,” Trump Jr. wrote. “Dem Senate nominee Tim Ryan is calling on people to ‘kill and confront’ Republicans.”

“Some lunatic listens to their violent rhetoric and admits that he killed someone because he was a Republican…And the left-wing media is completely silent!”

(To be clear, Ryan’s rhetoric wasn’t that extreme – he said, “Some of those answers will come from Republicans, not from the extremists we deal with every day. We need to kill that movement and face it, but work with normal regular Republicans, that will be very, very important.”)

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Teen Killed For Being Republican

While there is no definitive connection between Biden and Ryan’s rhetoric, the media has never dealt with any real evidence when it came to Trump Jr.’s father’s rhetoric.

Come to think of it, the North Dakota case bears a striking resemblance to the woman who was run over by a white nationalist during dueling protests in Charlottesville in 2017.

And we all know what the media has done with that horrific case, creating a complete hoax about what Trump said at the time.

President Biden gave a speech earlier this month in which he defamed “MAGA Republicans” as extremists and a “threat to this country.”

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Media Outage

NewsBusters editor-in-chief Tim Graham reports that the media has kept quiet about the North Dakota teen’s murder because his attacker deemed him a “Republican extremist.”

“While ETN News Channel and Newsmax both began reporting this story on the evening of September 20, NewsBusters found no coverage on ETN, ETN, NBC, ETN and MSNBC,” Graham writes.

“What about our taxpayer funded PBS and NPR? Zero coverage. The New York Times and The Washington Post had nothing.”

Even when they mentioned the murdered teen, they somehow managed to omit certain details.

For example, the Europe Times News somehow managed to forget the small detail about the alleged attacker, who was motivated by the fact that it believed the teen was a “Republican extremist.”

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Neither word appears in their report.

ETN News also couldn’t be bothered to provide such details.

Officials have said there is no evidence to support Brandt’s claim that the teen was in fact a Republican extremist. But the fact that he believed this to be the case seems to be a motivating factor in the attack.

Brandt has already been released from prison, despite admitting to hitting Ellingson with his vehicle. ETN reports that Brandt paid $50,000 bail and was released from Stutsman County Jail.

How many Capitol rioters were held for months without bail or bail because they did much less?

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