Court Documents Reveal Who May Have Told Supervisor Sheila Kuehl About LASD Raid


LOS ANGELES (KABC) — After a judge ruled that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department properly obtained search warrants last week to search the homes of LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl and LA County Civilian Oversight Commissioner Patricia “Patti” Giggans, Eyewitness News learned what’s up. captured.

A total of 67 devices, some text messages and two voicemails reveal who may have tipped Kuehl about the heist.

Letting someone know that he or she is the target of a search warrant is illegal. During an interview last week outside her home in Santa Monica, as deputies searched her home, Kuehl said, “I had received a text from county counsel last night that there was a planned search of my home, perhaps as early as 7 a.m. .”

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Commenting on the court order, Max Fernandez, the chief investigator for the sheriff’s department, said Kuehl received a text from her chief of staff stating that Acting County Counsel Dawyn Harrison had called her because Harrison “had been informed that the sheriff could be issued a search warrant.” for your house and Patti G’s.”

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The text message continues and says, “I told her this was last week’s news. She wanted to make sure you were aware. According to the informant, the warrant for tomorrow is 7:00. Let me know if you want me to do something. May still be a hoax, and again, you never know.”

On Thursday, the LASD judge ordered all items seized in the searches to be turned over to the California Attorney General’s Office, which took over the investigation after many claimed it was politically motivated and that it was one attempt by Sheriff Alex Villanueva is to target those who have been critical of his department.

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The sheriff’s investigation focuses on allegations that Kuehl helped send a series of no-bid contracts to the nonprofit Peace Over Violence, which is run by Giggans, who is a close friend of Kuehl.

During Friday’s Civilian Oversight Committee meeting, Eyewitness News tried to ask Giggans if she was aware of the raid on her home, but she declined to comment.

However, ABC7 cameras captured an exchange with a participant on video in which the participant shakes hands with Giggans and says, “It was very wrong what they did to you.”

Giggans responded, saying, “They’ve done a lot wrong.”

The contestant continues, saying, “Well, the fact that they’re collecting evidence of what they’re being researched for clearly shows he has something to hide.”

“The Attorney General has taken everything,” Giggans said.

Earlier in the meeting, the commission passed a resolution expressing concern over the raid on Giggans, asking the sheriff to dissolve the Public Corruption Unit and return to traditional practices of allowing outside investigative bodies—without a conflict of interest. to conduct such investigations.

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“I think I speak on behalf of this entire committee when I say that you have 100% of our support in your fight against this outrageous and unfair example of abuse of power that has entered your own home and I am so sorry,” said one of the commissioners.

The commission also informed that some of their witnesses and some of those subpoenaed have been subjected to witness harassment, and shared a photo of an alleged vehicle following someone after they testified.

Villanueva has maintained that he has withdrawn from the investigation, but he has been outspoken and defended it, raising questions. He has also accused county inspector general Max Huntsman of tipping Kuehl, which has not been proven and is something Huntsman denies.

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