Commonwealth Double Deaths: Man Who Killed His Mother, Grandmother Is Detained Indefinitely


SINGAPORE: A 25-year-old man will be detained indefinitely, according to the president’s satisfaction for causing the deaths of his mother and grandmother in 2019 while not of sound mind.

Gabriel Lien Goh was acquitted on Friday (September 23) of two charges of culpable homicide that did not amount to murder, on the basis of mental illness.

The judge ordered that he be held in prison and that the matter be reported to the minister. Under Article 252 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Minister may then, at the discretion of the President, detain him in a mental institution, prison or other suitable place of detention.

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Goh killed his mother, 56-year-old Lee Soh Mui, by stabbing her chest on the morning of October 27, 2019 at Block 7A Commonwealth Avenue. Shortly afterwards, he killed his 90-year-old grandmother, Ms. See Keng Keng, by hitting her head several times.

Goh had taken two tablets of lysergide or LSD before attacking his mother and grandmother. He took the second tab because he was “curious” and wanted to see more psychedelic colors, Deputy District Attorney Timotheus Koh said.

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As a result, he was under acute hallucinogenic intoxication, the court heard. He was in an acute psychotic state, experiencing distortions of form and sense of time, with symptoms of anxiety and panic.

He kept only the most fragmentary and vague memories of what happened, the court heard. Coming to his senses, he felt acute dysphoria as he came to terms with his actions and their consequences, the prosecutor said.

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In early court hearings after Goh was first charged in 2019, he apologized to his family members, saying that what happened was an accident and that he “never intended for those things to happen”.



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