BYU Bans Fan For Calling Duke Player Racist Comments During Volleyball Game


Brigham Young University’s athletics department has banned a fan from all of its athletic venues for using racial slurs against a black player on the opposing team during a Friday game.

The ban comes after Lesa Pamplin, a Texan woman facing the criminal court, wrote on Twitter that her goddaughter Rachel Richardson, a Duke women’s volleyball player, was called the N-word by a fan as she served the ball.

Pamplin also wrote that a white man threatened Richardson — the only black starter on the team — by telling her to keep an eye on her as she later went to the team’s bus.

“No fucking adult did anything to protect her. I’m looking at you @BYU,” Pamplin wrote. “You allowed this racist behavior to continue without intervening. It’s not enough to apologize to her parents afterwards. She will soon share her story.”

BYU hosted teams this weekend as part of the doTerra Classic tournament.

Duke Vice President and Director of Athletics Nina King said in a statement that the university’s priority is the well-being of student athletes.

“They should always have the opportunity to compete in an inclusive, anti-racist environment that promotes equality and fair play,” King said.

The institution said the fan at Friday night’s game was not a BYU student, even though they were in the student section of the university.

Pamplin later addressed the viral tweet about her goddaughter on Saturday and said it was unfortunate that the racist remarks “got attention” only after her post.

“Many adults abandoned my goddaughter,” she wrote. “It is our duty—each of us—to use our voices in the spaces we occupy to protect and advocate for each other.”



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